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Assign Assets to tickets. Track their performance and keep a maintenance schedule.

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Organize, Track, Schedule, Notify

Monitor asset performance.

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Organize Equipment and Activities with Hierarchies

Pieces of equipment are sorted by equipment type, manufacturer, individual piece of equipment, and the activities performed on them.

Time Management

Assign Usable Equipment and Activities to Areas

Track the physical location of your equipment by assigning it to a company area. Determine which activities are allowed in each area.

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Group Equipment by Manufacturers and Equipment Types

Assign usable activities to equipment types, and determine which manufacturer's have the most reliable equipment as you track issues.

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Configure Notifications based on Equipment or Activities assign to tickets

Set up asset equipment notifications to automatically notify the proper users when their expertise on equipment is needed.

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Track Assets down to the serial number

Equipment details lets you store serial numbers or product keys, to avoid mixing up equipment duplicates.

Manage Files

View all Tickets related to an Asset

Quickly view every ticket an asset has been involved in. Recognize trends and keep a historical log of all asset uses, changes, and maintenance.

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Keep tickets, users, teams, cmr's, equipment, activities, projects, and files all organized within GoTrakker.

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