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Simple: Free Essentials: $5/user Plus: $9/user

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5 Unlimited Unlimited

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10 100 Unlimited
Included with Trakker
Send automated ticket updates via email
Users can choose to send automated ticket updates when a ticket of any type is updated or completed.
Dashboard widgets quickly display user/team/company based metrics
Our default dashboard widgets analyze and display user, team and company based information in easy to digest visual components which can be filtered through of various control attributes.
Define multiple teams within your organization
Users on the same teams have access to the same ticket queues and can view tickets that are assigned to other members of their team for collaboration.
Multi-team ticket queueing
Create multiple queues for tickets by adding users to any number of teams. Teams can view, and collaborate on tickets which may be assigned to other members of their team.
Attach files to tickets
Attach and upload files to tickets which can be downloaded by other users with access to that ticket.
Link related tickets
Tickets of any type can be linked to other tickets of any type to track that they are related.
Track ticket history
Track the complete history of all fields on a ticket, including the user who made each changed and the time at which any change was performed.
Multi-role user configuration
Assign users to administrative, support and view-only roles using your Organization's user configuration settings.
Leave comments on any ticket a user has view access of.
Track user's time spent on tickets and any downtime or off hours minutes
Track how long a user spent on each specific part of a ticket, including any time they spent that would be considered as off hours(non-business hours).
Automated Insights for basic data analytics
Our insights page pulls long-term data trends and metrics from your ticket data and displays it in a series of visuals that can be filtered by all ticket attributes and time ranges.
Mobile friendly website for access from phone or tablet
Ticket application is mobile friendly and can be accessed and used from the majority of mobile web-browsers
Invite Biz partners to collaborate on a ticket
Invite your business partners to create accounts so they can view the tickets that you work on for them in real time.
Designate tickets as production impacting and track any time spent as downtime minutes
Track issues that are causing you downtime seperately to more easily track the real cost of your issues and alert users and your customers when an issue is causing damage to your bottom-line.
Project Management
Create project tickets
Project Tickets allow a team to create a very detailed project plan along with scheduled start and end times for tasks, assign tasks to users in the project, define milestones, dependent tasks and critical paths, and view in an easy to digest Gannt chart view
All project tasks displayed in a Gannt chart view
Project sub-tasks and milestones as well as their assigned users, and task start and end dates and times are included in an easy to understand Gannt chart.
Create and assign nested and dependent project sub-tasks
Create any number of tasks and related sub-tasks on a project ticket. Mark tasks as dependent on each other and a constraint dependency relation becomes visible in the Gannt chart view.
Define tasks as project sub-tasks or project milestones
Project Tasks can be set as normal sub-tasks or major milestone tasks.
Display critical path tasks in Gannt chart view
Tasks involved in the critical path of a project can be tracked within the project ticket and are easily distinguishable from the Gannt chart view.
Change Management
Create CMR Tickets
Change Management tickets allow you to define a set of approvers which must be notified of, and approve the change that is detailed in the ticket before continuing and notify all users in the team that may be impacted by the scheduled change.
User-defined, team-based approval groups
Create teams which will be assigned to and recieve automated emails about all change requests in their team. Designate any number of team members as approvers which must approve or deny a change request before an email allowing the change is send to all team members.
Automated email alerts upon CMR approval or denial
Send automated emails detailing all CMR ticket information to team members when a change request has been approved by all designated approvers.
Include follow-up information
Include information which will be sent to all teams members upon successful completion or failure of the CMR ticket.
Problem Management
Create Task tickets
Task tickets are fairly trivial actions which your Organization would like a record of or tickets which occur regularly and have an activity associated with them.
Create Event tickets
Event tickets require more analysis and track more data points than task tickets but are not long-standing issues within you organization.
Create Problem tickets
Problem tickets are long-standing issues, issues which require in-depth analysis and track the most data points of all other problem management ticket types.

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