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Assign users to teams. Assign ticket work, access and permissions to those teams. Redefine "Teamwork" with GoTrakker.

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Group, Queue, Assign, Collaborate

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Divide Users into Teams with no limits

Users can be a part of one team, or hundreds. Control user's ticket access and company-related permissions with fine-grained control.

Time Management

Ticket Access

Select which teams are assignable to customer's organizational structure componenets; From customer wide access, all the way down to access to a single piece of equipment or activity in a customer area.

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Auto Assign Teams to important customers, locations or areas.

Company Admins can select 1 or many teams to automatically be assigned a ticket based on

Time Management

Determine ability to approve/deny cmrs, and add to customer organization structure on the user level within teams.

Create team leaders who can review cmrs, or add to customer organization structure in the same teams as basic users.

Customer Communication

Track Assets down to the serial number

Equipment details lets you store serial numbers or product keys, to avoid mixing up equipment duplicates.

Manage Files

View all Tickets related to an Asset

Quickly view every ticket an asset has been involved in. Recognize trends and keep a historical log of all asset uses, changes, and maintenance.

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Your Data, all in one app

Keep tickets, users, teams, cmr's, equipment, activities, projects, and files all organized within GoTrakker.

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