Team User Permissions

Teams User Permissions are used to determine which Company Users are assigned to a team and can create, view and edit tickets for that team, as well as determining which Company Users can add Locations, Areas, Equipment, Activities and Customer Contacts to Customers, as well as determining which team users are assigned as CMR Ticket Reviewers for the Team's tickets.

Required Permissions
Permission Type Permission Name
Account Create/Edit Teams
Field Impact

Ticket Access settings determine which teams are available in the Team Assigned selection box during ticket creation. Ticket Access is tied to an Organization's Organizational Structure elements.

Team User Permissions Types

View/Edit Tickets

The Team Member will have permission to Create, View and Edit tickets in organizational structure elements that are assigned to this Team.

The selected Team Member will also have this Team's tickets added to the user's Views > Ticket Views list in the GoTrakker side menu.

Approve CMRs Jointly

The Team Member will be added to the list of CMR Reviewers for all tickets that are assigned to this team.

Additionally if this Team has the "Auto-Assign to Team" in the case of all ticket types, or the "Auto-Assign to Team CMR Only" in the case of CMR tickets, then the users with the "Approve CMRs Jointly" Team User Permission will be added to the list of CMR reviewers when the ticket includes an organizational structure element that had the "Auto-Assign" Team Ticket Access settings selected for that particular organizational structure element.

Add Locations, Areas, and Equipment to Customers

The team member will be able to add Locations, Areas, Equipment, Activities and Customer Contacts to Customers with the "New Location", "New Area", "New Equipment, "New Activity", and "New Customer Contact" links while creating a ticket.

Editing Team User Permissions

  1. Navigate to the admin console for the organization and select Ticketing > Manage Teams.

    On the Manage Teams page, a list of all Teams within that organization will be listed.
  2. To edit ticket access for a team, Select the Team from the list.

    The admin console will now display Manage Teams / [Team Name] at the top of the page.
  3. Select the Ticket Access tab right below the page title.

    On the Manage Team User Permissions page, there will be a list of the all your company's users and three columns which contain checkboxes to set team user permissions for the team you are editing. The three Ticket Access options are explained above.
  4. Select the team user permission Checkboxes for users of the team you are editing as you see fit.
  5. When finished editing the team user permissions select the Submit Changes button at the bottom of the screen


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