Creating Teams

Teams are used to populate a user’s team views, and determine ticket access for members within that team. Teams are flexible and can be setup for different use cases. For example, you may create a team which has members from a particular organization unit, like managers, or human resources.

  1. Navigate to the admin console for the organization and select Ticketing > Manage Teams.
  2. On the Manage Teams page, a list of all Teams within that organization will be listed. To create a new team, select the Add Team button.
  3. Complete the Add New Team modal with the Team name and select Submit New Team

You should see the list of teams update with your new addition and can begin managing the settings for your newly created team.

Permissions and Impact

Required Permissions
Permission Type Permission Name
Account Create/Edit Teams

Teams are used to organize users into groups based on your organizations needs. Teams control ticket accces, notification settings and are a